How does it work?
We have developed video-based elearning content for the 7 core subjects, compartmentalized into into 40 Weekly Modules. These lessons can be supplemented with online activities (quizzes, exams) and can be accessed by via a Learning Management System.

How do you avail of our services?
Let us discuss your specific needs before offering any tools and technologies you may need. This allows us to provide fully-customized solutions that adjust to your processes and policies before we send you a proposal.


What if a student does not have a computer or access to the internet?
Our elearning materials can be made available offline too. Aside from printable supplemental materials, the video-based lessons can be disbursed and accessed by students as long as they have a working television.

How much does it cost?
The elearning materials we have developed can be availed of at just a small fraction of the actual costs!! We are willing to work within your budget and timeframe to deliver the solution best suited for your distance learning instructional strategy.


We invite you to become one of our resource partners and contribute towards an expanding collection of elearning content. Together, let us make distance learning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience to as many remote learners as possible.