Collaborating with parents, students, and academic institutions

to make equitable access to education in the age of hybrid online learning, a possibility. The minds and expertise of
individuals put together to ensure that students continue to receive formal education, no matter the circumstance.

Academ-e is supported by the technical expertise of  EACOMM Corporation for its software development and hardware requirements; and by the academic expertise of Achievers Special Education Center for its academic resource and online syllabus development requirements.

About Us

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The Problem

Health Security

One’s health and the health of loved ones will be a top concern in a post-pandemic world.

Financial Security

After getting hit with a financial crisis, for many, meeting the costs of education will be a challenge.

Internet Access

We understand that not everyone can afford computers, nor have access to reliable internet.

Technology Learning Curve

Parents, teachers, faculty, and students would have to quickly adapt to new technologies

Online Content Creation

For schools, deciding and creating online content for their curriculum might be
a challenge.

Our Proposition

We understand that each partner is unique when it comes to their online education requirements. Whether you are a Parent, a Teacher, a Student, or an Academic Institution, we will listen and help come up with a solution.



We will help you acquire the needed hardware through leasing, then we will train you on how to use the latest technology.


By encouraging content sharing among partners, we can keep production costs to a minimum.


We will continuously develop and make available online learning materials for teachers and students to choose from.


Products and Services

We are expert developers of customized eLearning Content for the K-12 curriculum. Our services include per subject syllabus development for the entire school year along with the online conversion of the learning materials associated with the subject syllabus.


Customized curriculum content, developed  specifically for a school’s needs


An ever-growing collection of educational materials for the K-12 curriculum with a variety of presentation formats to choose from.





a way for Teachers and their students to stay connected outside the confines of a four-walled classroom.


Schedule an exclusive online tutorial session by choosing from our list of accredited subject matter experts.

11th Flr. CyberOne Bldg. Eastwood Cyberpark, Bagumbayan, Quezon City Philippines

+632 3438 2983