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Unlock the power of knowledge with our engaging and comprehensive digital learning content and resources designed specifically for primary school students. Our platform is carefully crafted to make learning fun, interactive, and effective, catering to the diverse needs of young learners.

Academ-e Kids using Digital Learning Content

Academ-e is committed to providing high-quality educational content that aligns with national curriculum standards. Our team of experienced educators and subject matter experts has developed a rich library of lessons, activities, and assessments across various subjects, ensuring a holistic learning experience for students.

The Academ-e Team consists of over a hundred graphic artists, video editors, subject matter experts, content and language editors, teaching professionals, technical support personnel, and software developers. Founded in 2020, Academ-e Multi Media Solutions Inc. is a duly registered corporation under Philippine laws.

PI Learning System by Academ-e

The Academ-e PI Learning System

AI-enabled Digital Learning Content for Philippine Primary Education

The Academ-e Primary Interactive Learning System is the Philippine’s first comprehensive digital learning platform that can be used by schools regardless of its teaching modality. The PI Learning System includes 32 weekly topics that are compliant and aligned with the Department of Education’s prescribed learning competencies. Each weekly topic includes: