PI Learning System

PI Learning System by Academ-e

AI-enabled Digital Learning System for Philippine Primary Education

The Academ-e Primary Interactive Learning System is the Philippines’ first comprehensive digital learning platform that can be used by schools regardless of the teaching modality it deploys. The PI Learning System includes 32 weekly topics that are compliant and aligned with the Department of Education’s prescribed learning competencies. Each weekly topic features an interactive video complemented by downloadable and printable teacher’s learning plans, student learning guides and performance assessment tools.

The PI Learning System currently covers the following core subjects: Math, Science, Reading, Language, Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, and Computer.

Designed to cater to any Teaching Modality

The PI Learning System is designed to adjust to your school’s preferred learning modality. Be it online or onsite, module-based, homeschooling, gadget-based, or paper-based, the PI Learning System will help your teachers focus their efforts on delivering a personalized learning experience to their students.

A True Textbook Replacement

The PI Learning System is designed to replace the use of textbooks in the classroom. Academ-e tapped the country’s leading educators to design and develop our interactive and printable content to provide a digested and concise coverage of each lesson. 

The PI Learning System is available at a price comparable, if not cheaper, than most texbooks. 

Proven to Improve Student Performance

Teachers that use the PI Learning System have consistently reported significant improvements in student participation, comprehension, retention, motivation, and assessment scores. This confirms Academ-e’s initial beta testing, which indicated an upward shift in student performance as compared to previous years.

Teachers can focus on Teaching

Upon using the PI Learning System, schools have observed significant improvements in teacher load management, lesson planning/preparation, and delivery, as well as student evaluation. Teachers now have more time to provide personalized teaching to their students due to the increased teaching efficiency achieved through the PI Learning System.

Developed with AI

Unique to the PI Learning System is its intensive use of AI in developing its over 1,400 interactive learning topics. From state-of-the art text to speech, AI-generated art, and AI-generated quizzes that can be generated in real-time, the PI Learning System is what the future of education looks like.

Unwavering Technical Support

We recognize that the adoption of any new technology can be overwhelming. That’s why a subscription to the PI Learning System includes training for teachers and school administrators as well as dedicated support personnel who are just a call or chat away to assist the school in using the system.